Privacy Policy

Version: 2021-09-01 (initial).

1. What personal data is collected and why we collect it?

The website of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Thessaly (UTh) (hereinafter referred to as “the Department”) uses the Google Analytics visit logging service. With it, it is possible to record the number of visitors to our pages, the way they found them, any information they were looking for, the pages of the website they visited, etc. This allows us to improve the organization of the website and the content of the pages, and provide the best possible user experience to all users.

Although the Google Analytics service records data such as the geographical location of the visitor (if he/she allows it), the type of his / her device, his / her internet browser, the operating system he/she uses, etc., we can’t identify the visitor (ie to find out who he is, etc.). The IP address of the visitor’s computer, which is also recorded, is not disclosed to us by Google, so again there is no way to identify a visitor.

Google Analytics uses cookies to do its job. Cookies are something like “proof” that the website gives to the user’s browser to remember (anonymously) that he visited the website again in the recent past. Disabling cookies in your browser or denying consent will prevent the Google Analytics service from monitoring your visit to the website of the Department as well as the collection of the data mentioned above.

No other information about you is collected from this website. Even if you use the contact form or an email link, you should be aware that none of the data you enter is stored or sent to third parties.

2. How is personal data stored?

The website of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Thessaly does not store the personal data of its visitors. Some potentially personal data, such as IP address, is logged by Google Analytics without being stored on our website servers and without access to it (see Section 1). The server of our website performs the standard logging of the calls it serves. This record refers to the very recent past and includes the IP address of the visitor, which again can not identify the user without the cooperation of the user’s internet provider and a prosecutor’s order.

3. What safe navigation measures have been taken?

The website of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Thessaly is hosted on a server provided by the university’s network operation center. For the security of the data sent to and from the website of the Department, an SSL security certificate is used in combination with a secure HTTPS communication protocol, as recommended (data is encrypted).

4. Are personal data provided to third parties?

The only data collected by the Department’s website are the log files of the web server and these are neither transferred to third parties in any way nor are they utilized in any way by the Department. We do not know Google’s policy in this matter if you accept Google cookies.

5. What happens in case of violation?

The website of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Thessaly does not store data related to its visitors, apart from the log files of the HTTPS calls recorded by the webserver. As our site’s hosting is provided by the University facilities, a breach of our systems presupposes a breach of the university network. In such a case, you should expect related announcements from the University.

6. Are there any changes to the Privacy Policy?

This privacy policy may change from time to time following applicable law or based on changes that may be made to the Department’s websites. The changes will be made without prior notification of the users and for this reason, we suggest you check this page occasionally. For your convenience, there will be a note at the top of this page with the date of the last modification and a summary of the changes made.