Welcome to the Department of Business Administration

Leonidas Anthopoulos, Department's Head

Dear visitor,

welcome to the official website of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Thessaly. Our department was founded in 2019 and evolved radically since then, offering graduate, postgraduate and PhD studies of high quality, and post-doc research opportunities. 

Our department contributes to research and science with its 2 research labs, while it leads a broad project portfolio that is funded by both national and European funds.

The Department of Business Administration is located in modern and fully equiped buildings, in the Geopolis campus of the University of Thessaly in the city of Larissa, Greece.

Its faculty consists of 15 academics, 2 members of laboratory teaching staff and 3 members of technical staff, which all hold a long educational and research experience and they are connected with Universities and Research Institutes overseas in an effort to strengthen the international impact of the University of Thessaly.  

We encourage you to explore our website and discover its academic organization and studies, the research interests of its faculy members and the opportunities for graduate and postgraduate studies that it offers. 

September 2023

The Department's Head

Leonidas ANTHOPOULOS, Professor