Business Analytics


A. General Information

The Business Analytics Research Lab (BAL) focuses on scientific activities that transform business information to knowledge, in order to improve decision-making in companies and organizations. Its members -researchers and students- will use a variety of computational and statistical methods to investigate business and organizational management issues.

BAL is based on the estimation that the organizations will be radically transformed with data science and business analytics, which results to fundamental changes about how the enterprises manage people, operations and marketing processes. The aim of BAL is to develop research of broad impact in collaboration with organizations that will follow this future direction.

BAL works with the organizations' managers and people that recognize problems and changes in their environments, and use datasets to address them.

B. Target of the Laboratory

Based on the above, the BAL's objectives are the following:

  • The production of knowledge in the fields of data science, business analytics and business intelligence.
  • Develop synergies between business-focused academics and data science experts.
  • The development of cutting-edge research about how business analytics, data and artificial intelligence transform businesses, organizations and society.

C. Target Groups

The BAL's research activities are oriented to:

  • To academics who work in the fields of data science, business administration and economics, artificial intelligence and information technology in general, biochemistry and biotechnology, medicine, urban planning, and scientists that produce research data.
  • To companies and organizations that produce data and can use them to make evidence-based decisions.
  • To research centers that operate in the BAL's scientific domains.

(Foundation Government Gazzette: 1125/B/14.03.2021)