Professional Rights

The Professional Rights of the graduates of the Department of Business Administration of the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the University of Thessaly have been ratified by the Senate of the University of Thessaly on 26-03-2021 and have been sent to the Economic Chamber of Greece.

Presidential Decrees on Professional Rights of Graduates of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Thessaly.

The Graduates of the Department of Business Administration may engage in work items as described in the following sections, in accordance with the following regulations concerning graduates of the Departments of Economics and Administration and mainly by three Presidential Decrees:

A) The P.D. 475/1991 (176 AD) "On the economic profession and its license”.

B) The P.D. 340/1998 (228 AD) "On the profession of Accountant - Tax Technician and the license to practice”.

C)   The P.D. 38/2010 (78 AD) "Adaptation of Greek legislation to Directive 2005/36 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005, on the recognition of professional qualifications, and other provisions”.

Description of Professional Rights and fields of workQ

A. According to the article 1 of P.D. 475/1991: "On the economic profession and its license", Economics profession are the activities practiced which have as object the application of the findings of economic science and practice in the various fields of national and international economic activity or the development of economics and thought. In particular, the activities of the economics profession described in P.D. 475/1991 are as follows:

1.     Analysis, elaboration and interpretation of economic phenomena, sizes, the preparation and submission of relevant studies and reports to companies, organizations and in general economic actors.

2.     Provision of advice on economic, business, development, savings, finance, tax and commercial issues to economic and business operators of the private, public sector and Public Administration.

3.     Provision of services for the organization, management of the financial activities of companies, as well as bodies of economic activity of the Public Sector.

4.     Provision of services regarding organization, management, supervision of accounting services, planning, preparation and signing of Financial Statements.

5.     Provision of tax services, organization, operation and management of offices and companies for the provision of the above services.

6.     Design of statistical and econometric methods and research, elaboration, analysis, interpretation and general scientific and practical utilization of statistical data concerning the economy, economic figures, factors of production, production and development process.

7.     Audit of the management, the financial statements of books and data, companies, Organizations, Institutions and generally economic and business activity or management of private or Public sector bodies according to the provisions of the current legislation and the preparation - issuance of the necessary and relevant findings reports and certificates.

8.     Teaching the theories, principles, methods and findings of economics and thought and applied economics, in educational institutions, with the exception of Higher Education Institutions.

A condition for the issuance of a license to practice economics is the capacity of member of the Economic Chamber of Greece, according to the provisions of article 3 of Law 1100/1980 (Government Gazette 295), as in force. The license to practice economics is granted by a decision of K.D. or of the competent Local Administration of the Regional Department of the Economic Chamber of Greece, after a reasoned suggestion of a three-member committee.

B. Professional rights are also determined in accordance with the provisions of Law 2515/1997 "Practice of the profession of Tax Accountant" (Government Gazette 154 AD) and P.D. 340/1998: ”On the profession of Accountant - Tax Technician and the license" (Government Gazette 228 AD), as amended by the provisions of article 13 of Law 2771/1999 (Government Gazette 280 AD) and article the 17 of Law 3470 / 2006 (Government Gazette 132 AD), according to which the graduates of the Department of Business Administration have the right to obtain a license to practice the profession of Accountant - Tax Specialist.

The license is also granted by the Economic Chamber of Greece. According to the description of the second paragraph of the regulatory decision of: 4152/2013 (Government Gazette 107 AD) "The professional identity of the Tax Accountant is distinguished in a professional identity of Tax Accountant AD and B class”.

C. In addition, in P.D. 347/2003 (Government Gazette 315 AD), which amends the provisions of P.D. 50/2001 (Government Gazette 39 AD) "Determination of the qualifications for appointment to positions of public sector bodies”, is instituted for the Administrative and / or Finance Sector that: "1. Qualification for appointment to the introductory degree is defined as a degree or diploma of any University Department of the home country, including the degrees or diplomas of the Hellenic Open University (EAP) and the programs of Elective Studies (PSE), or equivalent faculties abroad “.

D. The graduates of the Department of Business Administration also have the right to participate in the procedures for filling teacher positions in secondary education, as they are part of the educational branch PE80 Economy (old branch: PE09 Economists), according to article 29 of Law 4521/2018 ( Government Gazette 38 A ').

In order for the graduates of the Department of Business Administration to participate in the competition of ASEP for the purpose of their appointment in primary or secondary education, are required: either the fulfillment of the conditions of article 54 of Law 4589/2019 (Government Gazette 13 AD), or the certified pedagogical and didactic competence according to article 2 of Law 3848 / 2010 (Government Gazette 71 AD), as amended by article 36, par. 22, of Law 4186/2013 (Government Gazette 193 AD) and by article 111 of Law 4547/2018 (Government Gazette 102 AD).