Accreditation of Study Programs

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Athens, 14/02/2013

Protocol number: 32803


Certification Decision:

The Evaluation and Certification Council of the National Authority of Higher Education (ETHAAE)


Taking into consideration:

1.       The provisions of articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 59 of Law 4653/2020 (Official Gazette 12/Α΄/24-01- 2020) "National Authority of Higher Education. Special Accounts of Research Funds of Higher Education Institutions, Research and Technological Agencies and other Provisions".

2.       No. 18135/21/7-2-2020 Decision of the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs (Government Gazette 94/issue YODD/7-2-2020), on the appointment of the President of the Supreme Council of the National Authority of Higher Education (ETHAAE).

3.       No. 15650/23-04-2020 Decision of the President of ETHAAE (Government Gazette 329/t. YODD/04- 05-2020) "Appointment of the members of the Evaluation and Certification Council (CAC) of the National Higher Education Authority (ETHAAE)" as applicable.

4.       No. 30349/11-11-2022 Certification Report of the External Evaluation & Certification Committee of the Business Administration Program of the University of Thessaly.

5.       On the 26th/16-12-2022 meeting of the Evaluation and Certification Council, topic 3.1 "Approval of Undergraduate Studies Program certification reports”.



The Undergraduate Studies Program

of the Department of Business Administration, of the University of Thessaly


fully complies with the principles of the ETHAAE Quality Standard for Undergraduate Studies Programs and the Quality Assurance Principles of the European Higher Education Area (ESG 2015) for study, level 6 of the National and European Qualifications Framework.


The validity period of the certification is set for five years namely, from 16-12-2022 to 15-12-2027.


The Chair of ETHAAE


Professor Pericles A. Mitkas



 (*The signature can be found in the original document)