Business Analytics Research Laboratory Regulations, Department of Business Administration, School of Economics & Business Administration, University of Thessaly




In accordance with current legislation and provisions, the Department of Business Administration can establish research laboratories that focus on its subject and research area.


Article 1



The Laboratory “Business Analytics Laboratory” is established in the Department of Business Administration (DBA), School of Economics and Business Administration, University of Thessaly. Its aim is to support teaching and research needs in the subject areas of Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and relevant fields.


Article 2

Internal Regulation


The present Internal Regulation determines the operation of the Laboratory, as outlined in the following articles.


Article 3

Mission- Aim, Activities


The Laboratory supports the Department’s educational and research needs related to Business Analytics and Intelligence. The Business Analytics Laboratory focuses on the subject areas of data science, data analytics, evidence-based decision making, artificial intelligence and generally, “intelligence” in the field of Business Administration, together with computer science.


More specifically, the objectives of the Laboratory are the following:




Education (theoretical and practical training) at undergraduate and postgraduate level, focusing on business analytics, business intelligence, data science, data analytics, digital transformation for business and organisations, evidence-based decision making and artificial intelligence in businesses.

Supporting other Departments of the University of Thessaly or other Universities’ undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, when possible and if requested by these Departments.

Supporting doctoral and postdoctoral research




Cooperation with Greek and foreign academic institutions, research centres and other scientific bodies in areas and topics of common interest

Conducting research and research programs either independently or in collaboration with other institutions or Higher Education Institutions (in Greece or abroad)

Organising tasks, lectures, seminars, conferences, and other meetings and events with Greek and foreign experts in Business Intelligence.

Collecting, storing, processing and publishing research data

Developing a network with the aim of accessing potential research participants




Data analysis and data visualisation for businesses and organisations

Producing and publishing educational material and publications in the form of books, articles or journals.

Collaborating with organisations focusing on open source software, open data and games focusing on intelligence and data.

Cooperation with organisations / bodies that create and use data.

Providing consultation on issues related to the subject areas in accordance with the current legislation

Providing open data and platforms for the provision of data and analytics

Raising awareness, training, specialised training on topics related to producing, processing, analysing data and decision-making for organisations in the broader community.

Collaborating with scientific organisations and and associations focusing on Data Science and Business Intelligence in Greece and abroad



Article 4



The Laboratory staff shall be members of the University Academic staff, Laboratory Teaching Staff, Special Teaching staff, Special Technical Research staff, and Αdministrative staff of the Department of Business Administration and the School of Economics and Business Administration. The above-mentioned staff already work at the University of Thessaly (eg Academic staff, Laboratory Teaching Staff, Administrative staff) and therefore, no additional expenditure for employee salaries is required.


Article 5

Administration- Duties


The Head of the Business Analytics Laboratory is a member of the DBA Academic staff that is elected in accordance with article 29, Law 4485/2017 (Government Gazette 114/04.08.2017, Issue Α΄), the provisions of article 115, Law 4692/20 (Government Gazette 111/Α/12-6-2020) and the Ministerial order number 77561/Ζ1/19.6.2020 (Government Gazette 2481/Β/22-6-2020).

The Head is replaced, in case of absence, leave or other circumstances, by a member of the Academic staff with a related subject area, and in particular by the most senior member of the Academic staff starting from the first academic rank to the academic rank of Assistant Professor.

The Head has the responsibilities defined in article 7 of Law 1268/1982 (Government Gazette 87/16.07.1982, Issue A) along with the provisions of paragraph 5a of article 80 of Law 4009/2011 (Government Gazette 195/06.09.2011, Issue. A) and additionally:

        coordinates the Laboratory’s educational and research work

        is responsible for managing the Laboratory’s finances

        ensures that the Laboratory has the staff required, in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation

        is responsible for representing the Laboratory in the competent bodies of the UTh and elsewhere in Greece or abroad

        is responsible for the allocation of the Laboratory space

        submits an annual report of the Laboratory's activities

        makes recommendations to the Department regarding the necessary equipment to be obtained, addressing shortages or damages, and, utilizes every legal (public or private) source of funding (from Greece or abroad) available, if the Department or the UTh cannot do so.

        makes recommendations to the Department regarding those responsible for supplies and the installation, maintenance, and repair of damaged equipment

        appoints one of the members of the Laboratory as Deputy Head in case of leave, absence or other circumstances

        supervises the Laboratory Staff

        signs every document used by the Laboratory and, in general, is responsible for the regular and efficient operation of the Laboratory.


Article 6

Facilities- Equipment

The Business Analytics Laboratory operates during opening times, in accordance with the University of Thessaly Regulations in the space allocated for the installation of the equipment necessary to support the Laboratory’s teaching, research aims and relevant activities.

The Laboratory will be based on the premises of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Thessaly, and more specifically room 5 of the 1st floor and offices 14 and 15 of the Basement of the Business Administration - Digital Systems building. In addition, the Laboratory will also share room 1 on the ground floor of the Business Administration - Accounting and Finance building.

A sign will be placed with the title of the Laboratory, in the following format and alignment:


Department of Business Administration

Business Analytics Laboratory


The Laboratory will be equipped with the Department’s equipment and materials.


Article 7

Regulations for the Operation of the Laboratory


The Head must be informed prior to the commencement of any task that takes place in the Laboratory for the purposes of a research program or other project/ action and/or meeting that has been decided and approved, and determines the priority for the use of the Laboratory and equipment, if no relevant decision has been made.

The Head is responsible for the operation of the Laboratory, the use of its equipment, the presence of individuals (staff, students, visitors) in the Laboratory, the observance of health and safety rules, as well as the protection of equipment and facilities.



Intheeventofdamageorloss, thepersontowhomtheequipmentwasgivenisresponsiblefortherepair.

The DBA Assembly can amend the “Business Analytics Research Laboratory Regulations”, so that it can adequately respond to the Laboratory’s educational and research needs.


Article 8


  1.    The Business Analytics Laboratory operates with its own income sources and does not use the University’s budget or funding (Article 96, Law 4310/2014, Government Gazette 258/08.12.2014, Issue. Α΄, as added to Article 80, Law 4009/2011, Government Gazette 195/06.09.2011, Issue. Α and applicable to Article 60 Law 4386/2016, Government Gazette 83/11.05.2016, Issue. Α΄).
  2. The Laboratoryincomecomesfrom:

a) bequests, donations and any other kind of financial support from natural and legal persons inGreece or abroad passedon to the UTh for Laboratory’saims.

b) participation in Greek, European or international programmes

c) providing services in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 1 and Articles 2 and 3 of the PD 159/1984 (Government Gazette 53/27.04.1984, Issue. Α΄)

d) providing educational, research and generally scientific products and services

e) organising conferences, training programmes, seminars, workshops, symposia and summer schools

f) contributions and funding from international organisations, public or private companies and legal ot natural personals in Greece or abroad.

g) Conducting research, educational, training and other scientific events for the Laboratory or third party (e.g. First and Second level Local Authorities, NGO, other Greek or foreign HEI etc) and

h)Other legal sources.


Article 9

Maintaining records

The Business Analytics Laboratory keeps the following books, records and documents (electronic or/and printed form):

a) A protocol for incoming and outgoing correspondence (printed or electronic)

b) A record of annualfinancialdata

c) A record of assets

d) Alistofbooks, journalsandotherprintedorelectronicmaterialandequipmentrecords

e) A record of researchprogrammes

f) ArecordoftheStaff’sacademicactivities

g) A record of employees

Other booksorrecords, in electronic or printed form may also be kept, ifdeemed necessary for the operationof Laboratory, after the Head’s approval.


Article 10

Title- Stamp

  1.    The title of the Lab is «ΕργαστήριοΕπιχειρηματικήςΑναλυτικής», translated into English as “Business Analytics Laboratory” and is included in all its documents.
  2.    For the best possible and coherent promotion of its scientific work and activities, the Laboratory will use its visual identity (banner/logo) either in Greek or English on the documents and its communications in Greece and abroad.
  3.    The Head is responsible for the Laboratory logo. The Head can assign the task of the creation of the logo (in Greek and English) to natural persons or agencies (eg. creative agencies) in Greece and/ or abroad.
  4.    The Laboratory will use the same stamp as the one used by the DBA along with its title, on the documents and generally its communications in Greece. The Laboratory will use a similar stamp with its details in English on the documents and generally its communications abroad.



Article 11

Code of conduct

The Laboratory activities comply with the University of Thessaly Code of conduct, especially with regards to research ethics.


Article 12

Entry into force

This regulation comes into force following its publication in the Government Gazette.