Thomas Poulios

Building: Dpt of Business Administration



Telephone: +30 2410-684591

Thomas POULIOS is a Faculty Teaching Member at Business Administration Department from Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Thessaly. His teaching experience is related to subjects (e-Business, Web Presentation Strategic Planning, Global Distribution Systems in Tourism, e-Marketing) and his research interests include entrepreneurship development, e-entrepreneurship, Internet marketing. His project experience is related to e-entrepreneurship development and how to use the Internet techniques and services for establishing successful businesses. He participated in a number of EU projects mainly funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and national resources. Some of the projects are “Go-Digital Project”, “Entre – Development of Entrepreneurship in Tertiary Education”, “Examining the Obstacles of Female Entrepreneurship on the Internet”. Besides his academic activities, he is also involving as eBusiness Consultant for Start Ups, and especially on the Tourism sector.

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Obstacles for entering e-business: the gender aspect. Allied Academic International Conference, 6 (1), 1-12 Poulios, T & Vasiliadis, A. (2007).

Women entrepreneurship is an important research field while women have been underrepresented to the most fields of the economy. The present article attempts a first literature review to the women obstacles in e-business enterprises. Moreover we present the results of a conducted qualitative research for the women’s opinion in net entrepreneurship and the obstacles that they face. The research confirms what international literature states and shows that women face more obstacles and problems than men do in entering and developing an e- entrepreneurial life. This is observed because women should combine family and professional life playing different roles, while they are obliged to face gender stereotypes that are still exist in our society. Future research should focus on the opinions of the entrepreneurs researching them in a quantitative way.