Agile2Learn (Innovative Agile Project Based Learning)

 INFO Title: Innovative Agile Project Based Learning
  Acronym: Agile2Learn
  Programme: ERASMUS Plus
  Start – End Date: 1/12/2021-30/11/2023
  Funding Agency: Centre for International Cooperation in Education (NAEP)
  Project Homepage: under construction
  Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Panos Fitsilis (
  Status: Running



Agile2Learn project is introducing Agile Project Based Learning to education as a new enhanced educational approach to promote the development of key transversal competencies and as a project management methodology that will allow faster, easier and better educational projects. Agile culture promotes collaboration and teamworking, it minimizes autocracy, control and bureaucracy and enables teams to take ownership of every problem.


Agile2Learn project is fostering the following priorities:

  • Improving education in traversal competencies.
  • Enhance the development of skills and competencies by defining an innovative pedagogical methodology that will rely on the principles and techniques of Agile Project Management and Agile Pedagogy.
  • Develop a training curriculum addressed to secondary education teachers to apply the new methodology to the school environment and the school curriculum.
  • Develop test and validate the proposed methodology.
  • Create an innovative culture of training that is important in a modern business environment contributing to reducing unemployment, and increasing EU competitiveness.


The consortium of Agile2Learn project consists of the following partner organizations: