Academic Quality Policy

Quality Policy of University

The quality assurance policy of the Postgraduate Program (PP) is directly linked to the Quality System (QS) of the Department of Business Administration (DBA) and the Quality System of University of Thessaly (UT). Basic tool, for promoting the policy of University of Thessaly with the aim of ensuring quality in all areas of activity, is the "Policy Plan of the Foundation for Quality Assurance (Rector's Council at the meeting 168/12-10-2021).

This plan is based on the philosophy of offering high quality education to students through the promotion of knowledge and research. At the same time, it aims at the recognition and attractiveness of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the next decade at the national level, as well as the international acceptance of the Department's ongoing research work. It also includes policies and measures related to quality and excellence by motivating and giving the opportunity to students, teachers and administrators to achieve their potential and successes in all areas.

Quality Assurance is considered to be the noblest path to motivation, effort and continuous improvement. For this reason, the University pursues quality both in teaching, learning and research, as well as in services to society. The University's Internal Quality Assurance System summarizes the implementation procedures for the next 4 years, alongside the Foundation's strategic planning:

Improvement of the quality indicators of all units of the University (teaching and research evaluation, submission of evaluation reports of the departments, qualitative and systematic updating of the websites)

1. Provide incentives to attract highly trained scientists, stable and decent living and working conditions, remuneration to achieve quality and excellence in the academic community.

2. Development of motivational strategies for students, teachers and administrative staff

3. Activating processes that will make the University more attractive to students and staff

4. Promotion of admission procedures of the University to selected international university ranking lists

5. Creating a climate of excellence, through student reward programs, research achievements, etc.